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This year’s sale will be held on April 2, 2015 and is the 18thth consecutive year that Ozark Hills Genetics has sold bulls.  Our bulls are genetically developed for great dispositions and easy calving.  Of paramount importance to us is that buyers of our bulls can expect them to sire superb replacement females with reproductive superiority.  We also place emphasis on the importance of efficiency and productivity in a total grass-based environment, specifically fescue.

After twelve years as a cooperator with Pharo Cattle, two years ago, we made the decision to host our sale independently at the ranch.  We very much appreciate our customers over the years and invite repeat buyers and new customers alike to request a catalog and come to the ranch for this event. Cant’ be at the auction?  There’s no need to miss the opportunities.



We all have been told not to take cattle from north to south or west to east.  I have never been encumbered by these beliefs, and regularly take cattle from northern and western climates into the South.

The challenges are multifold: from the changes in ambient temperature and humidity, to the changes in grass strength, to the changes in intestinal parasite loads, to the changes in the disease environment.

All cattle take a measure of "seasoning" when making this sort of move, and the better cattle make this transition quickly and with minimal stress.  Read more.

-Jon A. Marshall
Katy, TX