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Herd Sires


We had been looking for a Roy Beeby bred bull to infuse true southern red angus genetics into our program.  M178 was purchased in 2008 from Teddy Gentry to fill that goal.  M178 is an extremely slick haired, structurally correct, eye appealing specimen, with a solid pedigree for maternal performance.  He is an extremely gentle sire with excellent libido.  His offspring have met or exceeded all of the expectations we have had for this bull to this point.  His calves are small at birth and grow rapidly.  They are slick haired, eye appealing, correct and loaded with grass performance on fescue.  We are anxiously anticipating his first daughters to calve this fall and expect them to impress.

No Doubt 622N

This bull is no stranger to those who have followed the Ozark Hills program.  He was raised by Ohlde Cattle Co. and purchased through the Pharo Cattle Co. sale 2004.  He has consistently sired easy calving, easy fleshing, sound, grass performance calves with sound structure and eye appeal.  His sons have been top sellers for the past 5 years and have received rave reviews from cattleman all over the country.  His sons are docile aggressive breeding herd sires that seem to carry on the consistency of their father.

Cash Crop

Cash Crop is a red-hided Medicine Man son that has everyone talking. We were taking semen orders on this bull before we even had him collected. Cash Crop’s birth weight EPD is in the top 15% of the Red Angus breed. Time will tell, but we believe this bull is going to have a monumental impact on the Red Angus breed. He is being heavily used by several grass-finished beef producers. He will work very well in fescue country. Cash Crop is co-owned with Ozark Hills Red Angus.

Dylan 4360R

Dylan was raised by Ozark Hills Red Angus and sold through Pharo Cattle Company’s Fall 2007 sale.  He has a pedigree stacked for maternal performance and longevity.  His calves are slick haired and correct.  His first daughters have calves by their side They are small framed, thick, easy fleshing with good udders and have the makings of potentially being profitable cows.

Missle 507

Raised by Gourley Red Angus out of an outstanding now 10 year old cow.  Sold to Triple C Ranch in Missouri through the Parker Ranch Sale in 2006.  Used in large commercial multi sire beef operation on heifers for 3 years before brought back and used in registered herd.  Sires easy calving, fast growth, eye appealing calves with a pedigree stacked for maternal performance.

Easy Jet 737

Raised by Gourley Red Angus from a now 6 year old 3 frame cow that is loaded with volume, thickness and consistent performance.  He has been used in multi sire commercial heifer breeding and has been used in our operation to breed virgin heifers.  Calves come small, vigorous and 100% unassisted.  The growth and performance of his first calf crop has exceeded our expectations for a true calving ease sire.